Friday, September 4, 2009

Adventures in Lake Tahoe!

We recently accepted an invitation by our friends, the Jameson's, for a weekend in Tahoe. We did the winter in Tahoe experience, so we better check out the summer experience too.What cool digs (California lingo)! The cabin is located on the Serene Lake and word is that the winter snows reach as high as the upstairs deck.
About that lake, it is serene! The Mrs. and I took out the canoe for a little paddle time. Luckily the Mrs. had spent some time as canoe counselor back in the day at Camp Ozark so there would be no stories of "dumping" the canoe. That doesn't mean that I still won't rock the boat for a little laugh or two.
From Serene Lake over to Tahoe City and a view of the north shore of Lake Tahoe. If you look to the highest peak to the right, you will see the slopes of Heavenly that we skied last winter.
We jetted down south for a view of Emerald Bay. Unlike previous visitors (you know who you are), we took the mile hike down to the famous Vikingsholm..............and the mile hike back up.
The next day, we took a hike around Donner Lake. The lake is steeped in history as the Donner Party made this region famous after being forced to cannibalism during the 1847 winter storms of Lake Tahoe.
Speaking of lunch, check out our picnic spot during our hike. PB&J's and wheat thins sure beats human legs and skin.
Still can't get over how blue that mountain stream fed water is. The Mrs. and I needed a weekend adventure and Tahoe didn't disappoint.

Thanks again to the Jameson's. By the way, can you count how many people are in this photo? Six total! And no, my backpack doesn't have a baby in it.

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