Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy Anniversary: Back to the Brix!

Even though our anniversary wasn't till Sunday, we decided to make our return to the Brix on Saturday. We figured since we got married on a Saturday, we still need to celebrate on Saturday. Why not? Who made up the rules for celebrating anniversary's anyway? Let's go down memory lane.Once known as Brix, then 25 degrees Brix, then back to the Brix. Whatever, it's the place where the Walnofer's got married!

Oh look, the same parking place as 8/9/08. Remember those cheeseballs from the last blogpost.

There is the spot. Freshly raked from the footprints of the bride and groom from about 2 hours ago, but packed deep underneath those footprints are the footprints of Kristen Jessup and Scott Walnofer.

The beauty of the Brix Gardens is still easily captured as the sun sets over the Mayacamas mountain range, the grapes ripen on the vine right before your eyes, and the Wine Train barrels down the track at 7:30p.m. sharp. That is enough reminiscing, let's go try out the new excutive chef and former Wolfgang Puck apprentice, Anne Gingrass-Paik.

Our wedding host venue was more than gracious to invite us back to celebrate our 1-year anniversary. Compliments of the house, we were guided through some of the new courses that displayed the new farm-to-table concept of the Brix. Here is an Apple Walnut Carpaccio with Vella Cheddar. Why yes, we would love some 2005 Schramsberg, Blanc de Blancs. Thank you.

Meat eaters we are, but Matt had the kitchen send out the Prosciutto Wrapped Halibut with Creamed Broccoli Rabe. Delicious and tasty with that refill of Blanc de Blancs.

I love some good pork and I love it even more when it comes off the grill. I sunk my teeth into this Berkshire Pork Chop with Heirloom Baked Beans and a tangy Mustard Jus. The sommelier picked a very spicy and rich 2007 Roessler Wines Pinot Noir from Dutton Ranch in the Russian River Valley. Acidity is key to cut through the fatty goodness of Berkshire Pork. "I wonder if they tanked it then seared the crosshatch into it, or roasted it then seared it?" Sorry, but these are the common questions that float through my head now after a long summer in the kitchen down the road at Bouchon.

Nothing says farm-to-table like hogs and lambs. The Mrs. had the Lamb Osso Bucco with Farmers Cheese Creamy Polenta and Tomato Sauce. I was not a big fan of the pile o' parlsey on top of the Osso Bucco, but it was fresh from the garden tasting! I even had the Mrs. try her first bone marrow, dug deep out of the shank bone hidden between the muscles of meat. Osso Bucco is rich with a little bit of gameness so out came a 2007 Bouchaine Rockin H Vineyard Syrah from the Sonoma Coast. Bold and peppery but not too bold for the Mrs. to handle.

After all that cake for pre-dinner, we kept it simple with some Strawberry Ice Cream Bon Bons wrapped in Dark Chocolate. The Mrs. loves strawberries and I love chocolate. A match made in heaven.
Thank you Brix for making a year ago seem like it was just yesterday. The hospitality we received then was just as good as we received this time around. About that celebration on Saturday thing, we had even bigger plans for the real deal on 8/9/09 Sunday night.......................who does Laundry on their Anniversary?

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Pastor Lance said...

WOW! A year already? I can't believe it! May you have many more! Hopefully some of those will be back in Arkansas!