Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy 1st Anniversary Walnofer's!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO THE WALNOFER'S!!! Only 1-year ago, we celebrated the greatest execution of God's design and took the wonderful plunge into marriedom (real word???). Being the hopeless romantics that we are, we decided to make this anniversary the most memorable one yet............I mean ever...............I mean, you know what I mean. Off to Buttercream Bakery for a replication of the "topper" that disappeared onto our assorted guests plates.
What surprises would be waiting inside the pink and white box of Buttercream Bakery.
Non-other than our own personalized 6" White Buttercream "topper" replica. To our forgetful surprise, we didn't designate inscription colors so sure enough Buttercream wrote Happy Anniversary in their trademark barbie pink. Scrambling for a fix as the Mrs. and I looked in horror, the bakery clerk penciled over the pink with lime green to match our "Lemon-Lime and Tangerine" color theme of a year ago. After a laugh, we decided hot pink and electric green pretty much captured our new California skater scene that we currently surrounded by.
In attempts to further replicate, we swung by Mumm Winery to grab a 1/4 bottle of Napa's finest sparkling bubbles. Last year, all of our guests parted our company with these little bottles as thank-you-for-coming-gifts. We of course, exited with out ours so Mumm Cuvee it is for the bride and groom a year later. Nothing goes better with cake than Champagne!

Thanks to all the cards from family and friends back home and all across the country. We opened your cards during our cake eating to put us in the "Oh My Gosh We Have Been Married For A Year!" mood.
As big a cheeseballs as we are, we even replicated cutting the cake again.Wait, there are the cheeseballs.
Ummm! Cake with buttercream icing. Just like we remembered it. What a wonderful day.............then and now.
All the cards are displayed to keep the Anniversary celebrations going! Funny note. The two sisters must think alike as Nana and Aunt Sue sent the same card. How funny and cute! Off to the Brix to reenact that walk down the aisle.....................................


Kristen Walnofer said...

That's right, we are not afraid to be cheese-balls in front of the world/cyber-space!

ulterior epicure said...

Congrats, Walnofers. Here's to many more.

Paulette Anderson said...

Happy belated Anniversary! Guess you'll have to print this off and post with your cards! :\

Hope to celebrate with you for future anniversaries when you return to Hog Country!