Sunday, April 5, 2009

Some-What Homemade with the Walnofer's #5

Nothing better than Sandwich and Salad night.
Here I prepared an Open-Faced Homemade Barbecue Chicken Sandwich topped with Baby Bibb Lettuce and a Hard Boiled Egg. I brined the chicken breasts overnight and then baked it at 200 degrees for 2 hours before shredding it with the paddle attachment on the Kitchen Aid mixer (Chef's Trick!). To cook the egg, cover the eggs in cold water with a tablespoon of vinegar, then bring to a boil and boil for ~15 minutes. After cooking, submerge in an ice bath. This keeps that sulfurous grey ring from forming around the yolk and makes the eggs easy to peel. For the salad, Spinach tossed in a Sesame and Apple Juice Vinaigrette with Pineapple and Red Onion. Simple, Delicious, and Healthy!
Healthy? Not after this delicacy! The Mrs. got a new Saw-blade bundt pan from Williams&Sonoma and out came this beauty. Nice and tasty work Mrs. Walnofer.
Barbecue and Salad. This makes for an either/or red/white wine pairing. Perhaps a 2007 DeSante Cabernet Sauvignon from down the street in Oakville.

Or a 2008 Cali [stoga] 351 Sauvignon Blanc fresh out of the barrel. This winery is only a minute bike ride from the Walnofer residence if anyone out there is interested in tasting this wine in person!

By the way, check out the latest non-glamour aspect of the culinary industry. After slicing 12 baguettes, dicing 50 pounds of onions, and brunoising a bag of carrots, a guy can wear himself a little thin. Next million-dollar invention idea, an ergonomic Chef's knive that prevents said from happening!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me about the hard boiled eggs with vinegar and using the cold water afterwards. Boiling eggs for my class this week for Easter and they do not like the gray stuff! Get a bandaid on that bad boy!