Thursday, April 9, 2009

Garde Manger: Ode to the Galantine!

Garde Manger is defined as the art of the cold other words, it is the art of curing, brining, charcuterie, salads, and making do with anything left over in the kitchen. The real art is in the presentation of these items that don't seem that great by themselves. This is the ode to the Galantine. A Galantine is forcemeat wrapped in a butterflied and pounded chicken breast which is then wrapped with the intact skin of the chicken. The creativity comes with the seasoning and garnish of the forcemeat and the presentation on an Aspic filled platter. To make it simple, think original poached chicken nugget on a bed of jello.

After all the forcemeat you could eat, everyone needs a little laugh. Or at least try to do something to make your instructor who is criticizing your over-pounded chicken breast or runny aspic laugh!

Nature's very own Galantine.................the Egg!

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