Saturday, April 25, 2009

Garde Manger: Ode to the Grand Platter!

Garde Manger finished with a bang. Our final day in class concluded with our Grand Platters from all of the miscellaneous items that we had brined, smoked, cured, and baked. Here is the end results after we had "plated" it all:
I spy mini-BLT's, Steak Tartare Taco's, and PB&J Gel Mousse Sandwiches.

The Classic Pate en Croute. Pate encased in pastry and filled with Aspic (gelled stock or wine).
Pate en Croute with Port Aspic.

Canapes, Pate en Croute, Pate. Nice flow.

Classic cold platter with sandwiches.

The key to a great Grand Platter is clean, sharp lines with uniformity, balance, and equal even numbers of items. Just some tips next time you turn your coffee table into a serving platter for the family.

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