Monday, December 8, 2008

Tree is Up! Stockings are Hung!

Its Christmas! The tree is up. That's only 2-strands of lights for all your over lighters. We preach and live sustainability in the Walnofer household.
Although Mother-in-law Jessup bought me a stocking (2-years before I married her daughter!!!), it was time for the Mrs. and I to start our own collection. We don't quite have a fireplace, or need one in the Napa desert, but I am sure the fat guy will fill them up with something good. Hey, that wasn't a fat joke about me gaining weight in culinary school was it?
We leave you with the first present that we were able to give this year. Even with all the moving across country, job searching, and high gas prices, God has still blessed us with the opportunity to give to those in need. Our church, Grace Church of Napa, has a wonderful ministry involving purchasing presents for children whose parents are currently in prison. It is an awesome way to display Jesus's love to all those who are in need during the holidays. I challenge you to do anything you can to help those less fortunate this season.

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