Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas is Almost Here!

That's right, Halloween came and went, Thanksgiving is over, and Christmas is right around the corner!Even though our house is tiny, we made sure we got a nice big, living Christmas tree to decorate the corner. The Mrs. couldn't quite put the star on the top......... she had to call in the reserves. At a gangly 5'9", I am never gonna make it in the NBA, but give me a 6 foot Christmas tree and I can top it with anything you got. Angels, Santa Caps, and in our case, a Star!
The holidays are always about remembering. Remember when I came home from my internship at Kellogg's Cereal Company in Battle Creek, Michigan to meet my girlfriends parents for the first time.
Remember when they approved of that nice young man, and they eventually let their daughter marry him.
The California Walnofer's remember all their Razorback family back in Arkansas and all the others across the country. Get in the Christmas Spirit before the holiday's are over! Is that Hog eyeballing me? I think I am going to turn him around.

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