Friday, December 19, 2008

Sin City, Las Vegas!

Over 39.2 million people visit Las Vegas each year. For the first time, the Walnofer's just added 2 more to that list. It is also a fact that tourists and locals consume 60,000 pounds of shrimp a day - higher than the rest of the country combined! While visiting, we consumed zero of those shrimp.
We weren't off the plane for more than 15 minutes when we had our first D-List celebrity sighting. It's Zane Lamprey from the minutely popular Three Sheets. If you haven't seen the show, you probably haven't missed much. Apparently they are trying to save the show. Maybe we will run into them again on the Strip.

But first we need to check in to the hotel. Actually, THEHotel at Mandalay Bay. I think the check-in desk is somewhere down this sexy lighted hallway. Yes, even hallways can seem sexy in Sin City.

After a good nights rest in our hotel suite larger than our cottage in Calistoga, me and the Mrs. hit those slots! Here we are losing all of our taxi cash, $0.01 at a time. But, with a smile while doing it!
And here is bro-n-law and sis celebrating his birthday after winning $4 at the slots! A little birthday luck is all you need in Vegas.It's not all about the gambling, we also took in a little bit of sightseeing. Here is the World of M&M/Mars. Yes, that is every color and flavor of M&M's. You can create your own bag, as you wish, for $7.00 a pound. By day two, we were beginning to question how "real" this Vegas place was.

Paris, France or Las Vegas, Paris?

Paris, France or Las Vegas, Paris?
Venice, Italy or Las Vegas at the Venetian?

Venice, Italy or Las Vegas at the Venetian?
New York, New York or.......................well, I have never been to the real New York so your guess is good as mine on this one. Back to reality, and back to our own little tourist community.

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Anonymous said...

enjoyed seeing your LV experience, it is pretty much out this world isn't it?!