Friday, November 7, 2008

Worlds of Flavor II

Another day in the fire pit of cooking extravagance which is Worlds of Flavor. The guy on the left is my chef, Corrado de Virgillo. He has many nicknames to us students. They favorite of mine is the "Flying Eagle." Notice the missing gap above the nose and this nickname begins to make sense. The guy on the right is some culinary mac-aroni from Lebanon. Both know how to cook, but I get the lucky opportunity to chase around the man from Apulia, Italy, Chef Corrado. This is the beginning of the day.........................
and this is the end. The barrel room turns into the "Marketplace" and we get to try all the cuisines of the world, in our own little room below the kitchens.

One of my favorite foods I tried was this homemade tortellini. This mother and daughter combo are world famous for their homemade pastas back in Italy.
Ummmm! Throw that in some hot water, please!

Alessandra even has a book showing off her Sicilian-style of pasta making if you would like to request a copy before she returns to Italy. Only two more days left............

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