Friday, November 28, 2008

Our First Walnofer Thanksgiving

Do you remember your first Thanksgiving with that special someone? Have an embarrassing turkey story? Me and the Mrs. decided that our day to create these everlasting memories would be the day after Thanksgiving; with just the two of us. Let's do this thing right and get to cookin! Even though I am in culinary school, this is actually my first turkey to cook. What? I have a grandma and mother that have been doing this for me for years. I will give away two of my newly developed secrets. 1) Brining from a frozen state. This means 4 days of brining with selected herbs (I used rosemary, thyme, and tarragon with equal parts sugar to salt, and squeezed lemons). 2) Cover the breast of the turkey with a double sheet of aluminum foil. This will minimize the heat overexposure that causes the infamous dry turkey breast, all while allowing even cooking.
Table for two, please. Notice the Mrs. has gotten into napkin folding. She even brought out the fine silver. The table looks great, now where is all the food.

An impressive spread for two, if I do say so myself. Lemon-Herb Turkey with apple infused giblet gravy, homemade Nana-inspired dinner rolls, garlic whipped potatoes, sauteed green beans with bacon and crispy shallots, homemade french baguette stuffing with pumpkin puree, and individual W-autographed pumpkin pies. I think we are going to have leftovers.

One of the biggest dilemmas with Thanksgiving dinner is what wine pairs best with a meal with so many drastic, differing flavors. Something white or something red? For our smorgasbord, we went with a 2002 Premieres Cotes de Bordeaux Liquoreux for a little kitchen aperitif and dessert wine, and a 2006 Cuvaison Zinfandel to go with our meal. We had the Pinot Noir on backup, but these wines did nicely.
Sorry family that we couldn't make it back home for this holiday celebration. Our first Thanksgiving together was very memorable and we look forward to making new memories over the years with everyone else. Sadly, no "I burnt the turkey" story here to keep you entertained. Happy Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving Day after!


Brad Cheatham said...

YEAH!!! I've been waiting for days looking for a Thanksgiving post!

Not sure if you peeped my blog yet, but I tried to post "Walnopher Style" showing the table, turkey, and the preparation.

Good to see that you spent time with new friends, but also took time for you and the new wife!

Also, a win over LSU, just made the holiday season that much better! We get the boot for another year... and we ain't givin' it back!

Anonymous said...

You and the Mrs. did put on a spread for a very memorable Thanksgiving! Thanks for sharing it and making us feel like we were almost there!