Monday, November 24, 2008

Peet's, Kona, and Jamaica Blue Coffee!

So I have always been a coffee guy, but the Mrs. has turned me on to her passionate pursuit of tea's. I have found that a good way to experiment with tea drinking is to buy sampler packs, like this one found at Dean & Deluca. Then once you find the one that you really like............. can head down to your favorite coffee and tea shop and pick out a big can of the good stuff. Starbucks is popular world wide, but Peet's is supreme here in Northern California. I think I remember a certain, Lance Armstrong, mentioning that he never left the USA without a bag of his Peet's coffee. Now you know what fuels a Tour de France champion. I agree Mr. Armstrong.But, Starbucks and Peet's can't hold a candle to the arsenal of coffee greatness that I am savoring every morning. After my little honeymoon down in beautiful Kauai, Hawaii, I bootlegged some Peaberry 100% Kona Coffee and have been savoring it every since. Even my cousin Brent and Melissa got in the act when they sent me some 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee from their honeymoon in Jamaica. Jamaica Blue coffee is considered by some to be the most sought after coffee in the world. Well, that depends if you are from Hawaii or not. Stop buy for your own comparison taste test over at Haus Walnofer next time you are in the Valley.

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Coffee Mania said...

You have exceptional taste in coffee. If you're ever in need of a source... contact me.