Monday, November 3, 2008

Some-What Homemade with the Walnofer's #2

An easy meal to make that everyone loves. Potato soup! Boil some potatoes, add a little cream, some garlic, parsley, and some cheese. No matter the ratio, it will come out great. Make it gourmet by buttering and toasting up a chunck of bread to create a crouton. Then pile on some of your favorite cheese and create a Potato soup au Gratin. If you've got em in the fridge, roast a red bell pepper over an open flame on your stove to release the sweet flavor of the pepper, then slice and garnish the top of your soup. A few sprinkles of fresh chopped parsley and you are presenting a $15 soup to your hungry friends and family!

If soup isn't your thing, here is a salad that will entertain your palate. Smoked chicken, apple, raisin, and shaved ginger and coconut with crispy noodles. Top it with a mayo-based honey mustard and ginger dressing and you have a salad worthy of service in any restaurant. To take it to another level, I created a cornmeal-fish cake blended with egg whites, cornmeal, a few springs of cilantro and a touch of soy sauce. You don't have to fry it, but get it crispy in a pan with a touch of oil and then add it to the side of your salad with a little bit of the leftover mustard sauce.
Wine of the night. Cuvaison Block F5 Pinot Noir. This light bodied fruit red has a unique spicy characteristic that goes with just about anything you can put on a plate.
With a nice bottle of wine, skip dessert tonight and do as the French do. Put together a quick cheese try with any of your leftover cheeses from the weekend entertaining. Double-cream gouda and some fresh Mozzarella left over from pasta night. Slice up a baguette and get out your Toulouse guidebook to start planning that return trip to France!

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