Monday, January 5, 2009

Tahoe, Heavenly, Really!

Being that we are only a 3 hour drive from Lake Tahoe, we had to get out of sunny Napa and up to the mountains to get our winter fix. Luckily, our friends the Guerrieri's invited us to their cabin so we took them up on their offer. Their is only one way up to Heavenly Ski Resort. Via gondola! This was my first ever ride in a gondola.
Welcome to Heavenly at Lake Tahoe. This mountain was huge with tons of skiing options. How huge you ask?
One side of the mountain was in Nevada, and the other side was in California! We skied Nevada by morning and California by afternoon.
The view of the lake from Sky Express ski lift.

In between Nevada and California skiing, we had a nice picnic lunch with our snowboarder friends Ben, Lee, and Pat. We felt somewhat alienated from the group since we are skiers, but everyone is welcome at this table when you have homemade Mrs. Walnofer pumpkin bread stored in your jacket pocket. Very California-ish aren't they. That joke is even more funny if you endure countless Arkansas jabbing from life-long Californians.

The Mrs. and I enjoyed our Tahoe experience. Maybe we just might do it again for Christmas next year.......I mean this year. Happy 2009!


byron said...

yeah, tahoe is the s**t. love that place. try skiing at sugar bowl sometime if you ever get the chance, but heck getting any time to ski anywhere is nothing to complain about.

impeccable road riding too. ride up Ebbetts Pass out of Markleeville sometime, it will remind you of your days in france. but really, they're all good.

Pastor Lance said...

I have so been there! It is a beautiful place to ski. In fact when we were there, we stayed in a condo that we could ski in and out of. It was so much fun. However, that was about 18 years ago.

Glad you had a good time!