Thursday, January 1, 2009

Restaurant Review: Mesa Grille Las Vegas

Welcome to my experience at Mesa Grille Las Vegas during our recent stay in the city of lights. Vegas has become a hot bed for celebrity chef restaurants, but the reputation of these restaurants isn't always the best within the culinary community. I thought I would take this unique opportunity to visit Bobby Flay's signature restaurant and make the decision for myself.
Mesa Grille is categorized as presenting southwestern style cuisine with Flay's characteristic grilling style. You can't expect chips and salsa at Caesar's Palace, so Bobby serves an assortment of savory breads and biscuits for starters. Interesting, and tasty!

In Vegas, you get the brunch menu on Sunday at 1:00pm. Go figure? Here is the spicy chicken sweet potato hash with poached eggs and green chile hollandaise. Executed to perfection but be ready for the heat on this guy.
The Mrs. had the scrambled eggs chilaquiles with roasted tomatillo sauce, white cheddar cheese, and a layer of creme fraiche. These were the best chilaquiles that I have ever layed a fork into. I would for sure recommend Mesa Grille during your next visit to Vegas, but make sure Chef Flay is in the house for the ultimate experience. Also, make sure that they have the homemade grits, because they were out and we were stuck with the southwestern home fries. Common Bobby, nothing screams "south" like grits!

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Pastor Lance said...

With all your fancy cooking that you do I was just wondering... Um...... do you ever get to have a bowl of Fruity Pebbles?