Friday, February 26, 2010

Banquet & Catering: Best of H'or d'oeuvres Buffet!

H'or d'oeuvres service is up next from Banquet & Catering. Unlike Butler service, H'or d'oeuvres buffet service is all about putting it up, making it pretty, then telling them to come and get it.
There was plenty on offer from AOS 6. Beignets, Salad Lyonaisse, and much much more..............
Porchetta and White Bean Puree, Fried BBQ Wontons with Pineapple Salsa, and Pork Kebabs. 
Shredded Veal Breast Sushi............sorta.
Fried Oysters on Wonton Spoons
Lamb Sliders with Fried Quail Egg
Ceviche Cups
and Beer-Battered Fried Green Beans.
Next up, the all too populer Banquet Action Station.

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