Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ida Clayton Road, Brutal!

Receiving current inspiration from all the Tour de France coverage I've been watching, I decided to go tackle some of the 'harder' climbs dotted here around the valley. After a short drop into Sonoma County, I came across Ida Clayton Road. As the sign displays, this was going to be a long ride.The terrain gives you a pretty good indication of the incline! Up and up we go.
A quick look over the shoulder reveals the beautiful valley floor below. This is pretty incredible considering it only took me a quick 30 minute spin to get to the bottom of this climb. At this point on the climb though, I have already surpassed 30 minutes and then some.
What goes up, must come down? But hey, why only 3 miles of descent? That was the least of my worries as 3 miles actually became 3 unpaved-washboard-dirt-road-miles. White knuckles await, and then a 5 mile climb to get back over into Napa County.
I couldn't help but stop for this one. I guess their are even rednecks here in Northern California. I had thought we left most of those back in Arkansas, but apparently they are everywhere.


Anonymous said...

Hey--I absolutely LOVE that sign about "911". As you know, we are not native to Arkansas, but after living here for four years we recently discovered something so "native". We were near the town of Watts, OK! Oh...I just realized...this is in OK! OH, well, just a few short miles from AR. But, have you ever been to the "Redneck Yacht Club" there??? Well, the work redneck and yacht just doesn't match once you see the place! Check it out when you're back in the area!!


Anonymous said...

my guess is the sign is to deter pot growers: