Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

What to do in the Valley to celebrate the 4th of July??? We had a few options..................Since I had to work on the 3rd, the Mrs. headed off to the Silverado Country Club which is one of the largest fireworks shows in the Napa Valley. The country club opens up the golf course to the public and, from what I hear, fun was had by all.
Next up was the 100th annual Calistoga 4th of July parade. Speaking of up, I had to get up after my 3:00a.m. bedtime from Bouchon to make the 11:00a.m. start time. Whew! Barely made it. Nothing says local community parade like seeing your city councilman in the back of a pickup truck................
..............and nothing says Napa Valley parade like naked people in wine barrels.
I thought the Mrs.-in-law would get a kick out of these girls hulla hooping. Nuff said.
We couldn't call an end to the celebrations, so off we went to accept our invitation to the 14th Annual Louis M. Martini Winery BBQ and Fireworks. On offer tonight, would be the newly released 2008 Lot. 254 Cabernet Sauvignion Rose. It was kind of ironic, but the first wine we had when we arrived in Napa Valley, was the 2007 Lot. 254 Rose that we found in our cottage refrigerator as we were unloading our UHaul last August.
Food, fun, great wines. But, when are we going to get to the fireworks?
Here in the valley, it isn't dark enough until 9:45p.m! We were glowing with excitement (insert cheese here).

But well worth the wait! What a fun day and thanks again to the Martini's for letting us celebrate with them and 500 of their closest friends. God Bless America!

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