Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Let's Move to California and Get Married!

Life has been hectic, crazy, and fun this past 2 weeks. Our Uhaul travels began with a straight north shot up to my cousin Brent's wedding in Lincoln, Nebraska. Before the wedding, the Walnofer's threw Kristen and I a nice little shower. My first one since I missed all the other's while I was in France. Kristen let me open all the presents and low and behold, the last one was this beautiful, new ESPRESSO MACHINE!!!!! I had been waiting our entire engagement for this little guy and finally it came. A 15 bar pressure Breville espresso machine. Merci beaucoup Walnofer family!
Here is the lucky groom Brent. We wouldn't have missed him and Melissa's wedding for anything. We were so happy that we could celebrate with them and the Kletchka and Price family put on one heck of a show. A word of advice for all soon-to-be married couples: Go to a wedding the week before yours, because it totally gets you in the wedding mindset!
Before our wedding though, we had to get there.........from Lincoln, Nebraska pulling our life in a trailer. Here is a nice shot of the Utah dessert. Trust me, it was prettier than the plains of west Nebraska and Wyoming that we had traveled through the day before.
Here we are at the Bonneville Salt Flats outside Salt Lake City, Utah. I actually wrote a speech about these salt flats and the land speed record that was broken here several times over the past 50 years. I wrote the speech in Mrs. Yarberry's 7th grade Communications class and we actually stopped on accident at this rest stop that overlooked the actual race course where they officially time the land speed record. Thanks for the A+ and thanks Sports Illustrated for Kids for letting me plagiarize before I even knew what that was.
California or Bust!!!! Finally crossed the Cali line at about 5:00pm on Monday after driving through Reno, Nevada. In only 3 more hours, we will be at our new home in Calistoga, California..................oh yeah, and getting married 5 days later. We better hurry and get unpacked before the parents arrive on Thursday.

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