Sunday, May 2, 2010

Restaurant Experience: Dessert Republic! San Mateo, CA!

Like I predicted, the post-Hot Pot oranges weren't sweet enough for the Mrs. and I, so Dr. Mrs. Wright took us down to the Dessert Republic for some Chinese sweets.
Obviously these things aren't only popular in France; meet the Chinese Strawberry Crepe with Strawberry Nutella Sauce, Vanilla Ice Cream, and Whipped Cream. I don't care what country it is credited to, Dessert Republic makes a great crepe.
As we were walking into the restaurant, we saw these coming out of the waffle iron, I mean Egg Puff iron in the front window. It is kind of like a waffle/pate au choux/donut hole/wafer of light deliciousness. 
The most refreshing dessert of the evening went to the Mrs.'s Super Mango consisting of Mango Freeze, Aloe Jelly, and Mango Fruit topped with Mango Ice Cream. Mango in anything, delicious. Aloe Jelly in anything, interesting?
But nothing was more interesting than your's truly's bowl of Black Sesame Paste with.......................
.............................Sesame Rice Balls. I will admit to disliking only a couple food items on this entire planet, and Black Sesame Paste and Sesame Rice Balls both just went to the top of the list. This was by far one of the greatest flavor and texture discoveries of my culinary career. Sadly for the wrong reasons, but nonetheless, a culinary discovery to remember.
The Sesame Surprise (new given name) would have been a hard way to finish this Chinese dessert extravaganza, but luckily Dr. Mrs. Wright knew of a winner on the menu.  Out came her order of the Snow Jungle with Fried Banana Roll, Ice Cream, Whip Cream and Chocolate Sauce. Fried bananas! These might be better than the Fried Twinkie...........and obviously way healthier for you.
Check out Dessert Republic next time you are in Silicon Valley, and be sure to get the White Sesame Paste or Green Bean Paste.............hey it is worth a try! Surely it has got to be better than the Black Sesame Paste.

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