Monday, April 26, 2010

Walnofer's & Wright's in Palo Alto!

The final countdown in California has begun and every weekend becomes more and more precious.  So, off to Palo Alto we went to visit Eric and Mandy Wright.  The Wright's had made the pilgrimage up to wine country on several occasions so we were due for a visit to Facebook country.  That is right, Palo Alto is home to the Facebook World Headquarters. Palo Alto is also home to the campus of Stanford University.
It is kind of a cool place.  It's architecture is very Spanish-missionesque.
It is also famous for its beauty and of course Palm Drive which runs right into the front of the campus.
Being around all this acadmia, I started to get some Waffle House cravings for old times sakes. Well, there aren't any Waffle Houses in California (never seen one here), but you can get Crispy Tempura Chicken with Bacon Studded Waffles & Maple Syrup at Chef Charlie Ayers, Calafia in Palo Alto. Delicious.......and way better than Waffle House.
For the first time in Northern California, we found some real beaches! Eric & Mandy shuttled us over the hill and down into Half Moon Bay for some R&R on the beach. It will be hard to forget this Pacific coastline. Anyone staying in Northern California...........put Half Moon Bay on your to-do-list.
No Half Moon Bay visit would be complete without some seafood from Sam's Chowderhouse.  Being that it was 85˚F, the chowder didn't sound that appetizing, but the Lobster roll that was voted in the "Top Five Sandwiches in America" by the NBC Today Show did. Considering it was my first lobster roll (what, I'm from Arkansas!), I agreed totally with NBC Today. Although I prefer ABC's Good Morning America, NBC Today sure can pick a great sandwich.
Thanks to the Wright's for hosting a wonderful weekend.  They still have another 6 years of enjoying California and we wish them all the best. Props to them both for their southern hospitality!


Anonymous said...

Scott, this is another beautiful place I have traveled thru your blog just encase I don't get there, thanks for sharing!

Mandy Wright said...

We had a great time! Thanks for making the trip to the pennisula. Best wishes and safe travels back to Arkansas. We will miss you guys!