Thursday, June 18, 2009

Marble Whacker World Championships!

On our recent day trip to Berkeley, CA, my friend Indi and I got tired of shopping with the Mrs.'s, so we decided to go exploring on our own.After stumbling into a local children's toy store, we found this Marble Whacker table top game set up for display. After waiting patiently for two 4-year-olds to finish their match, Indi and I carefully, and painfully squatted down to sit on the mini-size bar stools. The 1st ever Marble Whacker World Championships were held this day between sportsman representing Sri Lanka and the United States of America.
Apparently, Indi had grown playing the game in his native country and even held the ranking of Grand Master Marbler, an honor bestowed upon him by the Sri Lankan Minister of Sports and Public Recreation. I used to play a lot of pinball, air hockey, and foosball back in the day so I thought I was well trained for the competition. Notice the beads of sweat that are accumulating on my forehead.
Indi provides a smirk as he blasts another goal through my wickets. Final results, Sri Lanka 8, USA 3. Let it be noted that Marble Whacker is not a timed game, and the game isn't over after so many points are scored...............................but rather when the Mrs.'s tell you to get up and quit acting like children.

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