Monday, February 23, 2009

Some-What Homemade with the Walnofer's #4

Us Walnofer's have still been eating these past few months at home, but just forgetting to report all the goodies that are making their way to our table. This episode is titled winter comfort foods.I cannot take all the credit for this soup. It actually came out of a pre-made soup bag, but I did have to rehydrate it! Thanks to Mom-n-Law for the Bisque in a Bag at Christmas. With the addition of the crystal clear spring water of Calistoga, this dish went from bag to bam! Throw in a few large gulf shrimp, a little bit of Creole seasoning for flavor and garnish, and you have a hearty winter soup with a little taste of the South.
A recent winery excursion a few weekends back took us to St. Supéry where we found this very nice 2006 Napa Valley White Wine Virtú. It is a meritage Bordeaux blend of Semillion and Sauvignon Blanc and the crisp, acidity balanced very nicely with the creaminess and spicyness of our soup.

The Mrs. got the baking bug and went all out with a made-from-scratch apple pie for dessert. Nothing like warm apple pie when its a chilly 48 degrees and sunny out here in Northern California :) When will we master the art of homemade vanilla ice cream to compliment this wonderful pie? For now, its a scoop of Safeway Select Homemade-Vanilla Ice Cream. Close enough.

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